Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mayalie - A Husker girl

When we shot this photo Mayalie wasn't quite all zipped up. I take full responsibility for this; I absolutely should have given her a little more time. She was visiting from Florida. She's been in a bazillion bikini calendars, but this is her first time as a Huskergirl. I'm just noticing that I forgot to ask her to pull the shirt down all the way. I really apologize for all these problems.

When she did pull her Husker shirt down, and that wasn't an easy task, she seemed quite forlorn about it. The ironic thing about it is that once the shirt was down, we both forgot to get a photo!

Mayalie looks terrific in this Nebraska shirt too. Extremely terrific. Really, really wonderful. Sadly, the shirt was a size too small, but Mayalie is a very experienced model and she knows how to make clothes work. We were all very impressed with this!