Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo tease ... Kira style

Kira is a regular on the Huskergirl Project blog.  Why?  Ok, that would be a stupid question! Why? Seriously?  How clueless would such a question asker need to be??  If you can't figure that out, you need to find a remedial blog to read! Or a good ophthalmologist! Open your eyes! Nobody is that libidinally challenged!!

So why is this post labeled a "photo tease?"  This is a much more probative question. This photo is part of a larger set that was taken poolside where Kira can be seen on this towel as well as hiding behind it. I might add that she wasn't hiding very well if you catch my drift. And if you don't like white bikini's ... no worries ... she's not wearing it in all the shots! If you haven't subscribed to the Huskergirl blog, her upcoming photos would be an excellent reason to take that step to your personal self-actualization.
Kira - the occasional Huskergirl from Portland, Oregon!
Kira is the feminine form of the Russian word Kir that can be translated as "One the people look to."  That seems about right!  And in case the viewer is inclined to make any blonde jokes at Kira's expense, note that she has an earned Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art and a measured IQ of 136. If you're not familiar with IQ numbers like this, it basically means that she's smarter than you. :)