Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ashley - A Huskergirl from Florida!

Ashley is a good sport. Being a girl from Florida and putting up with being asked to be a Huskergirl. Because any Husker fan knows exactly what comes to mind when we hear the word Florida. That's right! FIESTA BOWL!!!
Yes, #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers playing against #2 Florida Gators. Both undefeated. Many thinking that Florida was the better team and this game would shake things out to show that.
The mere mention of the Fiesta Bowl reminds one of the greats like Tom Osborne, Frazier, Farley, that naughty Lawrence Phillips, Jamel Williams, Booker, Holstein, Kris Brown, Eric Stokes, Tony Veland, Ahman Green, the unforgetable Brook Berringer, Christian Peter and how he was robbed of his defensive touchdown, Grant Wistrom, Matt (the Terminator) Turman and the classy end of the game where the team showed great mercy.
And one can hardly forget Tommy Frazier's 75 yard Heisman Touchdown run where he breaks the tackles of about 14 Florida defensive players!

Nebraska wins their second straight national title beating Florida 62-24. It was a sweet, sweet game. OMG - Ashley flashed us up there!! Ok, yes, that will get your attention and bring us back to our Huskergirl of the day! Ashley is a real sweetie, tons of fun, serious party girl, tall with legs that don't end, and she loves strawberries! Seriously, she loves strawberries. Oh - and her vehicle is a 1992 Cadillac hearse! Really!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Nicole - Washington Huskergirl

Nicole was fun to shoot with and has that true girl next door look. She's a college student at Washington State and does lots of modeling. She looks her finest in Husker red!
She handed the football with a sense of familiarity. She's a natural at it. She really should be from Nebraska!

A Husker jersey and a matching cheerleader skirt.

We have more revealing photos of Nicole, but frankly, this one does it for the true fan!
... let's see ... about what I just said about the one above doing it for the true fan? Umm ... well, yes, ok, I have to say that this one, uh, does it too!

Nicole is the perfect combination of a show off and a true sweetie!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nicole & Rachel - The Huskergirl Duo

Nicole and Rachel were delightful Huskergirls. They are just the sweetest two girls. Nicole said she had been waiting years for the chance to wear a football jersey and so she couldn't have been visiting any better place. Between my wife and I we had a number of jerseys for her to try on. 

For the record, she looks great in a jersey.

In fact, Nicole fills out a jersey really well. 
Rachel, always attentive, was making sure Nicole looked great. Of course, Rachel was looking perfect in the cropped Husker t-shirt. It was a petty skimpy outfit Rachel was wearing. I didn't mean for that to sound negative ... Rachel is perfect for skimpy outfits!

These two are a lot of fun and put them together and you never know what will happen! If there was ever a reason to pay attention in school, this was it. There was some interesting chemistry happening between these two Huskergirls!

In Rachel's defense, it was not clear at all what she did wrong to deserve this kind of treatment from Nicole. You take just a moment to swap out memory cards and you turn around to find the entire set out of control like this!

I suppose these pics are a little cheezy. But cheezy is good. Cheezy is very good!

Note that both Rachel and Nicole have their own pages on

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rachel - Washington Huskergirl

Rachel is a model from Washington. She and her friend, Nicole, visited for a day. She was happy to be visiting southern California because life up in Washington this time of year SUCKS! Unless you like ice and snow.

She seems to have a natural grip on the football. She also looks might fine in the Husker attire. The shorts aren't regulation Husker attire actually, but she fills them nicely!

This t-shirt is a little on the short side. You arch your back just a little for a photo and the damn thing rides up. I should have been paying a little closer attention to these details.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Natalie - A superb Huskergirl!

Natalie has the characteristics of a Huskergirl. A sense of her own self, the capability to pick up a football and enjoy the sensuousness of the pigskin, and a deep respect for the ability to have fun. You'ld almost think she grew up in Nebraska. Except that if you did think that, you would be wrong. Nonetheless, I'm sure the Governor of the great state would be thrilled to make her an honorary citizen of the third largest city (on Saturdays) in the state.

Of course, she's gorgeous. Not a damn thing wrong with that! Nope. Nothing at all. She just sizzles with the smoldering urban feel to her look. In fact ... without the Husker t-shirt, one become more aware of the wonderful red color of her, uh ... other clothes.

If the Huskergirl project proves anything, it is the inherent problem of attentional lapses when clothes come off. Somebody should write a thesis on this or something!

I'm reduced to just rambling so I think I'll stop now.