Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kira graces our Huskergirls blog again!

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Kira visited for a couple days - coming down from Oregon. She's one of our favorite house guests. For the purpose of our mini-shoot for Huskergirls, she was a blonde. She is a terrific blonde! See the bottom of this post for one of her topless swimsuit photos.

In this next photo, we get a glimpse of what a fun girl she is to hang out with!  And that's not just because she's prone to taking her clothes off!  Although the Husker t-shirt is a simple piece of apparel, Kira is able to display and present it in a variety of ways.

This is a remarkable image.  I was able to capture Kira at her most pensive and introspective moment of the day while holding the Rembrandt color card. This image engages the viewer in a way the others don't.

Here Kira really shows off this Husker cropped-T with her killer smile. Her smile is a registered weapon in her home state of Oregon. We got a lot of reflected sunlight just as the sun was going down in this shot.

This is an image from our swimsuit set. I apologize for her not wearing her complete swimsuit. We were getting more reflection from the setting sun on this photo.
1970's style poolside image
This is an image from our set  that will go on our zivity.com site.