Monday, June 1, 2009

Kymberlie Jane - Bad Ass Huskergirl

This is another image from a set I did with Kymberlie. It was fun shooting with her since we did a bunch of Huskergirl sets. It really didn't make any difference if she was in a jersey, a t-shirt, or halfway out of her clothes, she really puts out a great image. Now this is funny. Kymberlie asked don't football players wear black under their eyes? Yes, I said. Curious, apparently, she wondered why? To cut down on light reflection, I thought. So let's be authentic, she said, and she pulled out some dark eye-shadow and did herself up very realistic. So it was eye-shadow that gave her this bad-ass look. Ya gotta love irony!Kymberlie now has more sets on than any other girl! There will be more too since she only lives a half an hour from me. I'll have to get her back here!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kymberlie-Jane: Losing the Panties

Isn't the Husker hairclip just adorable on her? I hate to use a cliche but she seems like the girl next door with how down to earth and fun she is. Of course, then you see a set of photos like these and you realize this isn't a girl next to your door!These are just a few shots from quite a set. We've been pushing the edge of Midwestern conservatism with this set. Ok, this crossed the line of Midwestern conservatism. So shoot me! I doubt that I'll hear any complaints. And in case you're wondering, yes, there will be more photos available, but not posted to the blog.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kymberlie-Jane - Squirmin' around

I figured that Kymberlie would know what to do in front of the camera since she appeared in April's issue of Playboy. I mean ... you do the math, right? So what's a photographer to ask her to do? I just said go ahead and squirm around.As a glamour photographer, you end up saying all kinds of peculiar things to girls. Or at least out of context they would seem mighty peculiar.Kymberlie was great with this set. The Husker t-shirt, on the other hand, honestly had trouble containing her. She was great to work with and open to doing all kinds of sets for the Huskergirl viewers. She's a real sweetheart! Thank you, Kimberly!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kymberlie Jane - Problems at the Stadium!

This would be a socially awkward scenario, wouldn't it! One would only hope to be in the right spot at such a wrong moment. We were just having some cheesy fun with this!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mikano - the Theatrical Huskergirl!

Let me introduce Mikano! She is the latest Huskergirl. There's so many words to describe her. She's awsomely adorable and cute and just the sweetest thing. And she gives the Huskergirl Project an international flavor. She wore the shortest jean skirt to our shoot. Ordinarily that would be just fine.

I'm certainly not complaining about the skirt! She looked perfect in it and it really showed her off. I asked her to sit Indian style while we took the photos. It turns out that was a good thing since we discovered that she had that Husker style-sense to wear red panties. Perhaps not the best example of modesty, but that was my fault, not Mikano's.
Modesty is a slippery slope though. We both agreed the red panties were an adorable touch to the images. She commented that she should have worn a red bra which begs the question as to what color bra she was wearing. I asked Mikano if she wouldn't mind showing that for the photos - for the benefit of Husker fans all over the world. It would be a useful cultural lesson for all of us. She was a little surprised by my request as can be seen in the above photo.
That said, she took seriously the request and pondered it. I certainly didn't want her to undress any more than she would be comfortable with. However she thought it might be fun and it should be obvious to the viewer that she started flirting with the camera like she had done this before. Actually, Mikano is a professional theater performer in Seattle where I met her. She's very comfortable in front of a camera.
She was a lot of fun to work with and I really appreciate her helping out with the Huskergirl project. She's just a lovely person! I guess that's enough photos for now. There are more. A funy one is where she took her top off and threw it at me and I got a shot of it flying through the air at me. I have to say, it doesn't get any better than this - doing the Huskergirl Project for the fans!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Elise - Seattle Huskergirl!

Elise is from Seattle and helped out the Huskergirl project. We shot this in Seattle. It was late at night and impossible to get to a more picturesque location. But Elise conveys that very sexy girl-next-door image that is hard to get out of your mind. She is tons of fun to hang with.
She's also an incredible dancer. She went to Argentina and became enamored with the tango. We went out to see her dance instructor in a performance earlier in the evening and Wow! Didn't get to see Elise dance, but it's hard to imagine that she wouldn't be wonderful at it! She certainly has the legs for it! I'm afraid I don't know how to make a good transition here ....

After the evening was over, I had to take Elise back to St. Francis of Assisi convent. She's part of the health-care apostolate where she leads up the pet and dance therapy teams. Those are separate teams - they're not teaching pets to dance! She was formerly a cloistered fully enclosed contemplative nun. Needless to say, cloistered contemplatives lead a hermetical life-style and rarely pose for Huskergirl photos. And by rarely I mean never!

Hear at, we want to thank Elise for her service both to the Huskergirl Project as well as to her health-care apostolate.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kymberlie-Jane - Trouble with Red Tape!

Well, Kymberlie-Jane is someone we here at Huskergirls have been wanting to get in front of the camera for a long time! I'm happy to report that finally it happened. I'll make three different sets of her being an incredibly hot Huskergirl.

If Kym looks familiar you may recently have been reading the April Playboy. She's been in lots of magazines. She is one of the reasons why it's been mighty fine to have the Global Headquarters of Huskergirls in Southern California. She has relatives in Nebraska and was thrilled to shoot for HG.

When I told Kym that there was some red tape we needed to deal with she was all ready to do the model release. Except that wasn't the red tape I had in mind. You have to admit - that was some funny confusion. I wasn't aware until we shot this of how much being all tied up causes problems with one's shirt. I suppose the tight-ass photo critic might whine about the shirt riding up. Well ... live and learn. 

Kym is one of those people who is totally fun to hang with. She had all kinds of ideas for different shots and us HG readers are going to be the beneficiaries of that!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jessika, a SoCal Huskergirl, and the red panty dilimma

Jessika faces the same problem that all huskergirls face, i.e., which red panties to wear on game day. This is a complex problem given that most huskergirls have quite a few red panties. 

But Jessika was born in Southern California and is a SoCal girl all the way through. As a results she's not about to shy away from important and difficult decisions. I was fortunate enough to record this entire decision process with my camera and I'll add more photos later to this post, but I thought it was important to the Huskergirl fans to get a few pics of Jessika out as soon as possible!

We haven't had a blonde on for awhile and it's wonderful to have someone as lovely as Jessika. She has that SoCal blonde loveliness with a girl next door projection of innocence. I hope we'll see more of her here!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Melissa: Huskergirl from New York

This is Melissa and is our first 2009 Huskergirl. She is from New York but has relatives in Nebraska and was an enthusiastic Huskergirl! She's obviously a gorgeous Huskergirl, but she's all about brains too! She's about to graduate from an Ivy League university - can't beat that! Curt first met her in 2005; she's a smart cookie, genuine, just the sweetest thing, and a lot of fun too.

She's a classy addition to the Huskergirl group as can be seen in the first photo. We apologize for her shirt riding up like it did in the second photo. That was entirely the photographer's fault for not noticing this. Melissa is a professional model and would not have let this happen on her own.

We're very proud of her - she's put herself through college and did that at a top-notch university to boot!