Sunday, November 6, 2011 goes to the big city!

By "big city" we mean Seattle. It's about Omaha size although some might consider it a hipper place. Kira, one of our favorite Huskergirls, drove up from Portland for this shoot (and some sushi afterwards). For all the Nebraska viewers, sushi is like raw fish bait but you eat it and pay a lot of money for it! Uncooked seaweed is often part of this.
Looking out the 23rd floor of the downtown Seattle Sheraton Hotel.
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Occupy Seattle was protesting outside the hotel trying to get a bank CEO to come out. Click here to see how the protesters were teargassed!  For the record, is solidly behind the Occupy Movement. 

Thanks to Kira for driving up for this!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kira - Our Spring Special!

I was really happy to have Kira visit this spring. She was visiting southern California for a week and we spent two of those days shooting for several projects.  

We shot some images for the Christmas season so stay tuned to see more of Kira then! 

A documentary crew was present for the first day of this shoot.  They are hoping to sell a program on internet modeling to late night HBO or ShowTime. This is a shot I took of Kira as the interview was about to start. Yes, that's Liam, The Huskercat, strolling onto the set!

What you're seeing here is a possible image for the 2012 Huskergirls calendar.  It's a little hard to imagine that Kira won't be representing one of the months!