Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mikano - the Theatrical Huskergirl!

Let me introduce Mikano! She is the latest Huskergirl. There's so many words to describe her. She's awsomely adorable and cute and just the sweetest thing. And she gives the Huskergirl Project an international flavor. She wore the shortest jean skirt to our shoot. Ordinarily that would be just fine.

I'm certainly not complaining about the skirt! She looked perfect in it and it really showed her off. I asked her to sit Indian style while we took the photos. It turns out that was a good thing since we discovered that she had that Husker style-sense to wear red panties. Perhaps not the best example of modesty, but that was my fault, not Mikano's.
Modesty is a slippery slope though. We both agreed the red panties were an adorable touch to the images. She commented that she should have worn a red bra which begs the question as to what color bra she was wearing. I asked Mikano if she wouldn't mind showing that for the photos - for the benefit of Husker fans all over the world. It would be a useful cultural lesson for all of us. She was a little surprised by my request as can be seen in the above photo.
That said, she took seriously the request and pondered it. I certainly didn't want her to undress any more than she would be comfortable with. However she thought it might be fun and it should be obvious to the viewer that she started flirting with the camera like she had done this before. Actually, Mikano is a professional theater performer in Seattle where I met her. She's very comfortable in front of a camera.
She was a lot of fun to work with and I really appreciate her helping out with the Huskergirl project. She's just a lovely person! I guess that's enough photos for now. There are more. A funy one is where she took her top off and threw it at me and I got a shot of it flying through the air at me. I have to say, it doesn't get any better than this - doing the Huskergirl Project for the fans!