Saturday, July 5, 2014

Diana - The first Huskergirl from Phoenix!

A decade of Huskergirls presented on this blog and finally we get around to capturing one in a cornfield!! Although not husking corn, it would seem that most of her clothes were husked right off of her.  Exactly how that happened remains a mystery; the important thing is that was able to record the event.

Diana is from Phoenix, Arizona. A first for our blog. She comes to us without a single shock of hair. Another first for our blog. Diana brings us a unique look for the Huskergirl collection! We hope to see her again!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hayley - A Huskergirl from Toronto!

I always love my time in Canada and meeting Hayley was one reason why.  Hayley and I decided to work on some images one evening and now we have a new Huskergirl! Among the many ideas we pursued, one was to capture similar poses but really different contexts. I think we accomplished that with this set! 

Coy, reluctant but willing is the vibe she transmits in these two photos. 

She came in to work on these on her birthday.  Her birthday party was going to be the next day, but it seemed special to be doing this on her birthday. 
Hayley is an accomplished fine art model and I appreciate her indulgence in getting these shots for the Huskergirl blog. 

Our goal was  to collaborate and produce some art and now we have accomplished that! Note: this is not to say that the Huskergirls images aren't art in their own right! 

Although we shot this last November, I can now say that I have one of my favorite images as part of a gallery show in Los Angeles. The image is titled "Woman at Door" demonstrating once again that my creativity in photography is vastly superior to my ability to come up with names for images.  

Here's the info for the show:

Exhibit Dates: April 10-May 24
Reception: April 10, 7-9pm (second Thursday Artwalk)

Represented artists gallery link:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Katya: the Huskergirl from the Beach

August is going to turn out to be a big month for Huskergirls. Why? The Huskergirl's photographer worked with four girls this month.

Well, Katja is one big reason. Katja is an eye-catching college student in Southern California. Sultry, exotic, and naturally erotic. We've started the Huskergirl Short Photoessay Series with Katja. This is volume 1 and includes Penthouse style photos available (link below).

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Huskergirl with the Huskercat!

Tarra from Las Vegas has graced our pages before and she stopped by for a visit and took a moment to pose with the Huskercat (see  If you're not familiar with the Huskercat, you should be and go to his blog and see what he's all about!