Friday, January 25, 2008

Natalie - A superb Huskergirl!

Natalie has the characteristics of a Huskergirl. A sense of her own self, the capability to pick up a football and enjoy the sensuousness of the pigskin, and a deep respect for the ability to have fun. You'ld almost think she grew up in Nebraska. Except that if you did think that, you would be wrong. Nonetheless, I'm sure the Governor of the great state would be thrilled to make her an honorary citizen of the third largest city (on Saturdays) in the state.

Of course, she's gorgeous. Not a damn thing wrong with that! Nope. Nothing at all. She just sizzles with the smoldering urban feel to her look. In fact ... without the Husker t-shirt, one become more aware of the wonderful red color of her, uh ... other clothes.

If the Huskergirl project proves anything, it is the inherent problem of attentional lapses when clothes come off. Somebody should write a thesis on this or something!

I'm reduced to just rambling so I think I'll stop now.