Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jessika, a SoCal Huskergirl, and the red panty dilimma

Jessika faces the same problem that all huskergirls face, i.e., which red panties to wear on game day. This is a complex problem given that most huskergirls have quite a few red panties. 

But Jessika was born in Southern California and is a SoCal girl all the way through. As a results she's not about to shy away from important and difficult decisions. I was fortunate enough to record this entire decision process with my camera and I'll add more photos later to this post, but I thought it was important to the Huskergirl fans to get a few pics of Jessika out as soon as possible!

We haven't had a blonde on for awhile and it's wonderful to have someone as lovely as Jessika. She has that SoCal blonde loveliness with a girl next door projection of innocence. I hope we'll see more of her here!