Friday, January 9, 2009

Melissa: Huskergirl from New York

This is Melissa and is our first 2009 Huskergirl. She is from New York but has relatives in Nebraska and was an enthusiastic Huskergirl! She's obviously a gorgeous Huskergirl, but she's all about brains too! She's about to graduate from an Ivy League university - can't beat that! Curt first met her in 2005; she's a smart cookie, genuine, just the sweetest thing, and a lot of fun too.

She's a classy addition to the Huskergirl group as can be seen in the first photo. We apologize for her shirt riding up like it did in the second photo. That was entirely the photographer's fault for not noticing this. Melissa is a professional model and would not have let this happen on her own.

We're very proud of her - she's put herself through college and did that at a top-notch university to boot!