Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ashley - A Huskergirl from Florida!

Ashley is a good sport. Being a girl from Florida and putting up with being asked to be a Huskergirl. Because any Husker fan knows exactly what comes to mind when we hear the word Florida. That's right! FIESTA BOWL!!!
Yes, #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers playing against #2 Florida Gators. Both undefeated. Many thinking that Florida was the better team and this game would shake things out to show that.
The mere mention of the Fiesta Bowl reminds one of the greats like Tom Osborne, Frazier, Farley, that naughty Lawrence Phillips, Jamel Williams, Booker, Holstein, Kris Brown, Eric Stokes, Tony Veland, Ahman Green, the unforgetable Brook Berringer, Christian Peter and how he was robbed of his defensive touchdown, Grant Wistrom, Matt (the Terminator) Turman and the classy end of the game where the team showed great mercy.
And one can hardly forget Tommy Frazier's 75 yard Heisman Touchdown run where he breaks the tackles of about 14 Florida defensive players!

Nebraska wins their second straight national title beating Florida 62-24. It was a sweet, sweet game. OMG - Ashley flashed us up there!! Ok, yes, that will get your attention and bring us back to our Huskergirl of the day! Ashley is a real sweetie, tons of fun, serious party girl, tall with legs that don't end, and she loves strawberries! Seriously, she loves strawberries. Oh - and her vehicle is a 1992 Cadillac hearse! Really!